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We hold intentional spaces where people can learn about transformative justice and community accountability and build up their skills around various topics that undergird this work. We seek to understand what these approaches would look like in practice in the Indian context in particular. We do this through:


  • Community spaces

  • Workshops

  • Discussion groups

  • Reading and learning circles

  • Co-learning and conversation events

  • Crafting and delivering curricula


We seek to move from learning to acting through (i) hosting communities of practice and (ii) co-creating open source resources, such as pamphlets and zines. This includes exploring a number of personal and community practices including:


  • Pod mapping

  • Community organising

  • Feedback on responding to conflicts and harm

  • How to give an apology

  • Creating safety strategies

  • Building skills to prevent and intervene in violence without calling the police

  • De-escalation tools

  • Crisis toolkits

  • Community education campaigns


We are seeking to build our capacity to support our communities when harm does occur.

This may include:


  • Hosting healing circles

  • Directly supporting survivors in meeting their needs and setting their boundaries as they consider what they would like to do

  • Directly working with harm-doers once they have agreed to move through an accountability process

  • Creating safe spaces and sanctuaries to support individuals escaping from violence

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