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Join us on Sunday, December 17 from 11am to 5pm for an open meeting to organise against the oppressive forces that surveil, punish and confine trans and queer lives in Bangalore. This will be a gentle initial gathering for anyone who has an interest in resisting policing, prisons and punishment as a way to tackle violence in our communities. We will be centering trans and queer experiences. Allies are welcome, cops are not.


Transformative Justice tells us that ‘we keep us safe’, something that queer and trans folks have known and practiced for a long time. So, what does it look like for us to lean into embracing an abolitionist politic - one that guides us away from depoliticised queerness and challenges us to imagine a different future?

We will use this first meeting to:

  • Get to know each other,

  • Familiarise ourselves with the issues being faced in relation to policing and punishment in our communities,

  • Understand the skills we have to offer, and

  • Commit to some next steps.


Our hopes are that this organising group will be able to create ongoing spaces for imagining a liberated world, breaking free from carceral logics that harm us, isolate us, and expose us to violence. We seek to learn the skills to navigate conflict within the communities we have created from our collective hopes and dreams. We will orient towards the trans and queer struggle as a guide for this work as we imagine, ideate and plan together.


Some of the questions we are holding as we try to build strategies for challenging and reimagining the oppressive structures around us are:

  • What urgent conversations do we need to have to increase safety in our communities?

  • What new structures or collaborations do we need to create beyond the confines of the criminal legal system?

  • What does it mean to dismantle these systems and undo reliance on them and their cultural logics? 

  • What do we need to do in our queer politics to move away from embodying heteronormativity?

  • We welcome you to join us and bring the questions you’ve been sitting with too. Lunch will be provided.

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