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community of practice

Who is this group for?

People with a serious interest or some experience in exploring community-based anti-violence work using transformative justice and community accountability approaches to prevent or intervene in interpersonal harm and conflict.

This group is essentially for people who are acting—even in small ways—to deal with conflict in the spaces they inhabit and have the time and ability to deepen that work, and pass it on.

If you are fairly new to transformative justice and community accountability work, this is probably not for you but we are happy to support you in your learning journey and provide initial resources. Just get in touch!

What will the group do?

Building our skills


  • Build our own skills and tools for community-based interventions and capacity for survivor support. 

  • Actively practice “small-scale” experiments dealing with conflict and accountability in our own lives.

  • Lean on and learn from one another as we explore various tactics to intervene in moments of violence and/or reconciling past harms.

Supporting our communities


  • Explore and practice ways of dealing with violence, conflict and harm in our communities without relying on state mechanisms.

  • Grow a network of practitioners to together explore the challenges we face/might face while doing community accountability work within a transformative justice and abolitionist framework.

Sharing our learnings


  • Help create handbooks, workbooks, toolkits etc. based on our learnings that will be specific to our context.

  • Discuss community based strategies adopted by other grassroots organisations in and outside of India to learn from and add to our resource list.

What will the time commitment be?

At the moment, we meet on the first Monday of every month at 6.30pm IST on Zoom for about 2 hours. Meetings may be recorded with the consent of those in attendance and will only be used internally.

Preparatory reading, reflections or practice of between 3-4 hours each month.

As the community progresses, optional further work creating toolkits, handbooks, workbooks etc.

How do I get involved?

Fill this form.


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